In the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci Mobility Programme (EC Lifelong Learning Programmes) FamulVideoLab is realising mobilities around Europe to guest organisations:

kuš! komiksi – Riga – October 2013 – Nina Bric and Adrijan Praznik – BLOG!
Feierblumm – Luxembourg – December 2013 – Valerie Wolf Gang and Urša B. Potokar – BLOG!
MediaLab, Aalto University – Helsinki – January to March 2014 – Pila Rusjan and Dejan Štefančič – BLOG!
WiredFly – Aarhus – Unknown Date – Andraž Avšec and Jaša Bukovec

The project will be running until 2015. See our Mobility cathegory for updates about this theme.


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