There are more and more people involved in FamulVideoLab projects and network. Here are their names and links to their webfolios.

Pila Rusjan – video artist and FVL projects coordinator
Valerie Wolf Gang – video artist
Noemi Veberič Levovnik – video artist
Nina Bric – painter and comics artist
Adrijan Praznik – painter and comics artist
Dejan Štefančič – camera grip, on-set technician
Jaša Bukovec – animator
Andraž Avšec – animator
Urša B. Potokar – documentarist and exhibition technician
Dunja Danial – video artist and documentarist
Urška Djukić – film maker
Nina Šorak – dramaturg and theatre director
Nika Rozman – actor
Tomaž Burlin – film maker and theorist, photographer
Hanna Juta Kozar – graphic designer and animator


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