FamulVideoLab is a research unit for video and associated media arts. It formally runs under cultural association KD Galerija GT (which ran Famul Stuart School of Applied Arts till 2013) and is situated in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It strives towards building a network and studio space for young artists working in video and associated media. It sees video as a medum deeply integrated into fields of visual, performance, audiovisual and intermedia arts nowadays. At the same time it states that computer generated games are conceptually very similar to classical art forms as sculptures and comics, if observed through the eye of a video artist.

Our first public art project was Video Wall, urban open air video gallery supported by the City of Ljubljana (MOL) in 2013. We hope to continue with Video Wall in 2014, but nonetheless we have another group project opening on 20th March 2014 in Venice called Cimri, ne čimri. At the same time we are a part of Leonardo da Vinci Mobility Project (one of European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programmes) until 2015. Read our mobility blogs here.

Since FamulVideoLab is just at its beginnings, please, check also the Who We Are and Our Connections pages for links to our member’s webfolios and associations.


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