On 16th August 2016 we are starting a new edition of VideoWall in Židovska Street in Ljubljana!

VideoWall is an open air video gallery, an ever-changing graffiti, with a new video loop being presented every two weeks. Each work is screened daily between 9 pm and 1 am in autumn and 6 pm to midnight in winter. The works are in line with the context of the street and open-air video gallery.

Authors who applied through an international call were selected by Pila Rusjan, video artist and author of the project are Eriz Moreno, Metka Zupanič, Kika Nicolela, Yuliya Molina, Vesna Bukovec, Nez Pez & Marko Kolarič Gvez, Victor Paradinho and Lina Rica.

VideoWall is produced by famulVideoLab (KD Galerija GT), cofinanced by City of Ljubljana and supported by Galerija Hest. Executive producer is Polona Zupan / Pila Rusjan, co-worker Miha Kelemina.


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