Anna Winter and Laura Conway present DANIEL DAENEN’S Tenth Grade: Parts 1, 2, 3, 2011–2013

Curated and edited by Anna Winter and Laura Conway

16mm, video loop

Slovene version: House Bound_SLO

Daniel Daenen’s Tenth Grade: Parts 1, 2, 3  is a three-year project, which was conceived at Rhinoceroplis 3553 (RINO), Denver, Colorado, where artist lived with Colin Ward, Trevor Jahner, Stephan Herrera, Heidi, Samuel Mata, Iggy and Travis Egedy. The 16mm mashes the private, discreet moments of the residents together with the concerts, parties and exhibitions that  take place in RINO every evening. Artists and curators Anna Winter and Laura Conway included it in their curated selection House Bound Film Tour, which is the continuation of a series of projects by exploring art making in the home. House Bound is an attempt to celebrate and further the ability of DIY to alleviate the burden of social and political alienation experienced by avant-garde and experimental artists under the conditions of late-capitalism.

“We chose Daniel Daenen’s Tenth Grade: Parts 1, 2, 3 for VideoWall both for its study of an alternative living space which is both a public music venue and private home. Daniel introduces us to unknown faces that through his intimate film collage become familiar. The sun never rises on the quiet moments of ROCK n’ ROLL.”



Opening night / odprtje razstave:

20150820_21344620150820_211816 20150820_211849 20150820_21313520150820_211233 20150820_211809


VideoWall is an open air video gallery, an ever-changing graffiti. There is a new video loop being presented every two weeks. Each of the works is then being screened daily from 9 pm to 1 am in summer and from 6 pm to midnight in winter.

This year there will be seven solo exhibitions from Slovenian and foreign artists, which were selected through the international call by Pila Rusjan, video artist and author of the project. From June to July we hosted artists Emil Brahe, Fernando Visockis, Dejan Štefančič and Ksenija Kovačević.

Luka Prijatelj (Slovenia) will experiment with video glitches and the idea of surveillance in the cities; Adrijan Praznik (Slovenia) will produce an animated character on the street together with co-authors: Nina Bric, Dominik Mencej and Dijana Šmigoc; Ana Pečar (Slovenia) will bring fantastic nature into the city and ask us about the relationship between human and nature.

Apart from those, we also plan to host group exhibitions: Urška Djukić (Slovenia) will mentor a workshop on video remakes on classical paintings; Initiative ČIPke (Slovenia) will show omnibus of cinemagraphs specially made on a workshop for VideoWall.

VideoWall is produced by famulVideoLab (KD Galerija GT), cofinanced by City of Ljubljana and supported by Galerija Hest. Executive producer Polona Zupan / Pila Rusjan with assistant Miha Kelemina.

MOL logotip SLO_promocijski_cb_veliki_2


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