On 23th of July, VideoWall will host Serbian artist Ksenija Kovačević who will present her work P. S. Message for Mr. Klaus Rinke.


Short excerpt from the artist’s earlier video work P. S. Message for Mr. Klaus Rinke, specially adapted for the VideoWall2015, shows a dichotomy of movement and stillness, man and woman, Eros and Tanatos, light and darkness. In the clip, easily described as video-poetics, we see two hands in interaction, responding to each other the same way people use their body language to represent their inner feelings and meanings.

When I started to draw my native gestures, states the artist, I came across the photos of artist Klaus Rinke. The text about him was in German, so I didn’t understand exactly, what he wanted to express with his gestures. I gave them my own explanations, I tried to appropriate his gestures and make them mine. I realized how easily people can understand each other without using a language and how primal the act of delivering is, when other ways of communication fail.

­­­­Ksenija Kovačević, born in Subotica, Serbia, has graduatet from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Painting Department, soon after the graduation she enrolled Postgraduate Studies at the Academy of Arts, Novi Sad. She has participated in several solo and group exhibitions including Gallery of Contemporary Art, Pančevo, Gallery Eye, Novi Sad, Body Collection, Paris and Kruparart, just to mention a few of them.


Opening night:

20150723_210753 20150723_211202 20150723_22175820150723_212624  20150723_221808 20150723_221821

VideoWall is an open air video gallery, an ever-changing graffiti. There is a new video loop being presented every two weeks. Each of the works is then being screened daily from 9 pm to 1 am in summer and from 6 pm to midnight in winter.

This year there will be seven solo exhibitions from Slovenian and foreign artists, which were selected through the international call by Pila Rusjan, video artist and author of the project. From June to July we hosted artists Emil Brahe, Fernando Visockis and Dejan Štefančič.

Ksenija Kovačević (Serbia) who will re-present her video from 1999;

Luka Prijatelj (Slovenia) will experiment with video glitches and the idea of surveillance in the cities;

Adrijan Praznik (Slovenia) will produce an animated character on the street together with co-authors: Nina Bric, Dominik Mencej and Dijana Šmigoc;

Ana Pečar (Slovenia) will bring fantastic nature into the city and ask us about the relationship between human and nature;

Apart from those, we also plan to host three group exhibitions:

– Curators Anna Winter and Laura Conway (USA) will present a programme of experimental film and video from America called Housebound;

Urška Djukić (Slovenia) will mentor a workshop on video remakes on classical paintings;

Initiative ČIPke (Slovenia) will show omnibus of cinemagraphs specially made on a workshop for VideoWall.

VideoWall is produced by famulVideoLab (KD Galerija GT), cofinanced by City of Ljubljana and supported by Galerija Hest. Executive producer Polona Zupan / Pila Rusjan with assistant Miha Kelemina.

MOL logotip SLO_promocijski_cb_veliki_2


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