FamulVideoLab is currently preocupied with preparations for our group exhibition in Venice Cimri, ne čimri which will be on view from 20th March till 10th May in Gallery A + A. Read more about it here and follow this blog in future for more updates!

Solo Exhibition of Adrijan Praznik is on view NOW in Kino Šiška, Ljubljana!

Rene Rusjan, co-founder of KD Galerija GT, programme director of Famul Stuart School of Applied Arts (now School of Arts UNG) and one of the lead supporters of famulVideoLab is currently setting up her retrospective exhibition What I talk about when I talk about … in Mestna galerija, Ljubljana which will open on 4th March.

Dejan Štefančič and Pila Rusjan are still in Finland as guests at Helsinki MediaLab. During their stay they have learned basics of programming in Processing, JavaScript, PureData and Arduino, listened among other lectures to VALIE EXPORT and Richard Stallman and are currently preparing a physically interactive installation to be premiered at Cimri, ne čimri exhibition.

There has been a reprise of theatre play Kdor sam do večera potuje skoz svet (Simon Gregorčič) (directed by Neda R. Bric, videoscenographies and film by Pila Rusjan – credited as Polona Zupan) in Slovenian National Theatre Nova Gorica on 24th February.

Two organisations have been added to our list of connections:
l’Etna – Atelier de Cinéma Expérimental which is supporting Tomaž Burlin on our project Cimri, ne čimri and Obalne galerije Piran, the organiser, host and main financer of the same project.

It is time for Ministry of Culture applications for 2014 😀
Wish us luck and spread the word!


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