Exhibited at Gallery Kino Šiška [Kamera Exhibition Space] – Center For Urban Culture, Ljubljana, Slovenia from 20th of January until 7th of February 2014.
ZOO: Human Edition is a video installation which shows human species as a central entity through the reverse role. Video installation is constructed from six screens that are positioned in the center of the gallery space with their backs facing each other so they create a circle around which viewers can walk and watch six different clips. Wire fence is built around the screens, so we have to look at them through the fence. Each video was filmed in one piece without editing in real time with a static camera, so it symbolically indicates the space or “the cage” in which the human subject is located. In front of each video there is a plate on the fence, which has a photograph of the specimen in the video, in addition to the photographs there are written some basic information: what race it is, where it comes from, age, weight and other characteristics – just like in a real zoo.The author of the video installation raises some questions to the public: what is the difference between man and animal, have we already outgrown stereotypes and racial prejudices, and what does a wire fence actually symbolizes, through which we look at the videos (or in fact ourselves). One of the meanings of the fence is certainly the invisible boundary which we create ourselves. In this way we create an artificial distance from a specific race, culture, country and the neighbors, and we place ourself in a position of a superior man – which is similar situation that we have towards animals. The fence also represents us being trapped in a system that we have created – like the artist also created this installation. Fence can also be our mind – we can look through the wire and se far or we can build it around us and hide. It is certainly important that the viewer is seeing this video installation with an open mind and create their own story that inspires them while watching.
Video installation and videos by Valerie Wolf Gang
Cast: Lana Erzin, Alex Škofljanec, Jalen Mint, Alphonce Joel, Tea Potokar, Val Makanjila Joel, Alex Hong, Jorge Gaspar, Filipe Rocha, Mariba, Alberto, Johne, Anita, Joao, Duarte, Teodoro, Maureo
Technical support: Kino Šiška & Urša Bonelli Potokar

Photos from the opening of video installation ZOO: HUMAN EDITION – Kino Šiška Gallery (opened to public until 7th of February).

ZOO: Human Edition - Center urbane kulture Kino Šiška

ZOO: Human Edition - Center urbane kulture Kino ŠiškaZOO_human edition 6ZOO: Human Edition - Center urbane kulture Kino Šiška

Photo: Gašper Lešnik

15663_10152144444269876_1574789948_n 996121_10152144444639876_768627353_n 999935_10152144444274876_829742388_n1525532_10152144444399876_2076265292_n 1527045_10152144444814876_1738176998_n 1527055_10152144444554876_659270119_n 1530424_10152144444454876_1944406819_n 1545898_10152144444629876_1721104784_n 1546069_10152144444774876_453005299_n 1555567_10152144444754876_2139112889_n 1560548_10152144444694876_890420519_n 1560680_10152144444259876_709390507_n1011100_10152144444444876_469507165_n

Photo: Andrej Lamut

IMG_0095IMG_0008 IMG_0014 IMG_0023 IMG_0024 IMG_0025 IMG_0034 IMG_0035 IMG_0036 IMG_0039 IMG_0040 IMG_0048 IMG_0058 IMG_0059 IMG_0063IMG_0115 IMG_9980 IMG_9983 IMG_9992 IMG_9994 IMG_9996

Photo: Luka Zabret

IMG_9163 IMG_9162-001IMG_9160 IMG_9156 IMG_9151 IMG_9148 IMG_9144 IMG_9140 IMG_9134 IMG_9132 IMG_9130 IMG_9127 IMG_9125 IMG_9123 IMG_9121 IMG_9120 IMG_9118 IMG_9116 IMG_9113 IMG_9111IMG_9168 IMG_9167

photo: Lana Erzin

Short radio interview (Slovenian language).



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