Today was a day, when we put “The Luxembourg Monster” back to sleep. It was alive for the last couple of days in all it’s glory, but now was a time to return back where it came from and hibernate. Before we did that, we had a calm day, great breakfast and we first took our car to the local car wash.

SAM_2705 SAM_2711

The car was so dirty, it was hard to look out of the window, so now we finally did something about it.


After successful car cleaning, we went for some shopping at the central part of the Luxembourg. This is a view from the parking house.

SAM_2715 SAM_2716 SAM_2721

Parking houses are old and dirty. Of course. / Urša in front of the elevator. /

We went to shop for some shoes and Christmas presents, but I ended up with some photo frames and underwear. Urša got herself a new wallet. No shoes or presents, but I fell in love with one perfume which is quite expensive but I have a feeling I might buy it in the next couple of days. We decided we will buy presents and shoes on Friday.


This is the last goodbye of the monster and me. It was a pleasure!


After we successfully put the monster to sleep, we decided to go discover a Luxembourg center a bit more and found some nice public sculptures and small galleries.


We  ended up in Pizza Hut.


Had a delicious soup for starters and continued with nice pizza and coffee.


Christmas spirit made us go back to the Christmas village and tried to convinced us to buy more things, but we managed to control us and we just enjoyed all the lights and atmosphere.


And we found the Luxembourgian pyramid, ha!


It was the most random thing in this country, but it made us laugh and made our day complete.

After the long day, we returned back to our place to finish the video, which will be screened tomorrow in Belgium. At the moment we are still exporting it and preparing last details. Late coffee which we had in Pizza Hut is still holding us awake.


V & U


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