Photos from the opening night of États / Stanja / States by Noemi Veberič Levovnik at our open air urban video gallery VideoWall / VideoZid at Židovska ulica, Ljubljana.

The video is still visable until Wednesday, 4th December. On 5th we change it with a work of Dunja Danial.

Noemi Veberič Levovnik about the States:

Set of psychological / existential conditions, expressed or symbolized through the movement and its transformation in the process of installation.

The choreography, created somewhere between performance and digital processing, the image that passes between the media and at the same transformed through this process becomes independent of the initial part of reality, it becomes a singular entity that is tied to reality, much like dreams and our internal responses to world that surrounds us.

Noemi_opening3 Noemi_opening2  Noemi_opening4


2 thoughts on “Video Wall, States – Opening

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